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  Thai Parawood Coat-Hanger Co.,Ltd. have experienced in producing cloth handler for over 15 years. All of our products are made from rubbertree wood, and continuously developed the product to reach the criteria and requirement of customer ; including I.C.C. International PCL. , Central Department Store Ltd, Thai airways international, Lacoste, Guess. We also produce all sizes of clothes handler for boutique.

Oriental hotel and Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel are the samples of leading hotels that we supply handlers to. Not only domestic sale operates but also we export our products to asian countries .

Moreover, We are producing newspaper holder and stand, and luggage stand (for hotel uses). Our company are welcome for make-by-order product, which you can customize your order as your desire.

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Thai Parawood Coat-Hanger Co.,Ltd.
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Thai Parawood Coat-Hanger Co.,Ltd.
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